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Ensuring a Cleaner, Safer World: Accupro Technology in Action

At Precision Flow Solutions, we understand the critical role our industry plays in ensuring a cleaner and safer world for everyone. We recently completed a significant installation of Accumax single and double product dispensers at a major hospital in Australia. This project highlights how advanced technology can directly contribute to improved hygiene and safety, particularly in critical environments like hospitals.

While the sleek design and high-quality aesthetics of the Hydro Accumax dispensers were a perfect fit for the hospital’s Central Sterilisation Supply Department (CSSD), the true value lies in the unique “Accupro” technology inside each dispenser.

So, what is Accupro technology and why is it so important?

Accupro is an integral pressure regulating valve within each Accumax dispenser. This valve constantly regulates water pressure, ensuring the correct chemical concentration is dispensed at all times. Why is this so crucial? Fluctuations in water pressure can significantly impact the accuracy of proportioning dispensers. Our in-house tests have shown that a mere 20 psi fluctuation in incoming water pressure can result in chemical solution accuracy variances exceeding 18%.

Let’s consider the impact of these variances:

• Increased water pressure: This leads to a diluted cleaning solution, compromising its effectiveness in cleaning and sanitising.

• Decreased water pressure: This results in an overly concentrated solution, potentially leaving harmful chemical residues, increasing workload, and wasting valuable chemicals.

In a hospital setting, where infection control is paramount, ensuring a consistently accurate chemical solution for cleaning instruments is non-negotiable. By choosing the Hydro Accumax proportioning dispensers, the hospital has made a wise investment in long-term, reliable performance.

Precision Flow Solutions goes beyond just supplying top-tier equipment. Our expert team ensures a professional, fully compliant installation, providing peace of mind for everyone. This is the level of dedication and expertise that we bring to every project, because we understand that a cleaner, safer world starts with precision and reliability.

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