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Precision Flow Solutions’ complete portfolio of injectors offer the widest range of flow and injection rates and sizes to accommodate your needs. Precision Flow Solutions has a wide range of products for industrial applications. Precisely control fluid use and dispensing to eliminate waste. Our volumetric products are water-powered (no electrical needed), which cuts down on energy costs and helps in sustainable development initiatives. If you don’t see your application here, please contact us. We offer custom solutions for specific applications.

Products Used

Precision Flow Solutions - Processing
Vehicle Sanitisation

Spraying and Sanitation Solutions

Perfect for maintaining biosecurity including truck entrance/exit, interiors, loading bays, food processing equipment and other equipment.

Foaming and Sanitising

Utilise foaming and spraying solutions to clean and sanitise vehicles and large areas quickly, safely and efficiently. These easy-to-use solutions allow chemical to soak into crevices and other hard-to-reach areas.

General Cleaning

Range of proportioners and injectors for cleaning and sanitising. Fill all types of spray bottles, mop buckets, sinks and scrubbers with precise dilutions.

Odour Control and Air Care

Injectors and proportioning apparatus for Odour Control and dust suppression.

Foaming and Spraying

Range of dilution apparatus for foaming, spraying and area sanitation.

Conveyor Lubrication

Volumetric proportions are great solutions for automatically diluting and applying lubrication to your conveyors, keeping them running properly.

Cleaning and Sanitation

Range of dilution apparatus for foaming, spraying and area sanitation.

Printing - Fountain Solutions

Proportioning systems that can mix with products to create consistently high-quality solutions for the printing industry. We can automatically dilute chemical to the correct chemistry to create fountain solutions and other commonly used substances.

Metal Processing Solutions

Our water powered injectors accurately dispense cutting oil and other metal working fluids to save energy costs. There’s no need to worry about replacing tools or damaged metals due to improper mixing of cutting oil and coolants.

Floor and Hard Surface Cleaning

Chemical dilution and delivery for the cleaning and sanitation of floor and hard surfaces.

Can’t find your industry or a solution you are looking for?

Can’t find your industry or a solution you are looking for? Our sales and customer service teams are waiting to help you with any of your chemical dispensing needs.