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AccuMax 4P

4 products, 1 accurate technology. Countless opportunities to customise

The AccuMax 4P continues Hydro Systems’ new product line of AccuMax chemical dispensers. Up to 4 chemicals can be housed within the dispenser. It can accommodate most 2-3 litre bottles. Your chemicals are stored behind locked enclosures to protect both the users and your brand.


The all-in-one system has the quickest installation and setup time in the industry. It has an intuitive, user friendly design that users will appreciate. Other options and accessories can be added to your 4P as needed to fit your application.

Features & Benefits

• Closed-loop system compatible
• 1-5 GPM flow rate options
• Satisfy regulatory standards
• Uses less space than appararus + separate chemicals
• High quality apparatus stands up to daily wear and tear
• Lockable cabinetry
• New, expansive workspace to easily route tubes
• Easy, tool free maintenance
• Easy to install with the use of a mounting bracket
• Chemically resistant select valve
• Optional drip tray
• The AccuMax 4P has full Watermark Certification

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