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Economical, single product dosing

The CP-500 is an economical option for warewash that require single product dosing. It covers the full range of products including rinse aid, detergent and sanitiser and is available in multiple models to accommodate multiple styles of dish machines used globally.

Features & Benefits

• Reliable unit for single tank, door-style machines or glass washers
• Simple, clean design that is easy to use
• Minimises installation time with no complex programming or wiring
• Comes pre-wired with only two wires to connect and 1-2 potentiometers to set
• Attractive design
• Small footprint that minimises required wall space

Related Products

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The HydroPump is a uniquely designed push-pump used to dispense cleaning chemicals into sinks, buckets or any other cleaning receptacle.
The EvoRinse is a solid rinse dissolver for use with existing glass/warewash EvoWash units.

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