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Depletion Wands

Robust Drum Interface for Efficient Chemical Uptake

Depletion wands simplify laundry installations by allowing quick connections between a single chemical drum and up to three laundry dispensers. In addition to limiting chemical spills and increasing the efficiency of replenishing product drums, the depletion wands come equipped with a float switch that can detect and alert users to costly out-of-product conditions. This reduces the risks of poor results and rewash.

  • Eliminate messy or unneeded pickup tubes with a 3-way system that allows one container to supply up to three separate dispensers
  • Detect costly out of product conditions with a built-in low-level float sensor
  • Durable, reliable design using injection-moulded plastic
  • Versatile design with multiple options to support global customer needs
  • Prolong wand life with serviceable non-return valves that can easily be removed or cleaned in the field
  • Two material grades including EPDM and Perfluoroeleastomer
  • Multiple sizes to fit different chemical containers, including 20L/5Gallon
  • Flexible to connect to an EvoClean dispenser or standalone alarm unit