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Dositec Tunnel Systems

Tunnel Chemical Dispensing Systems for Industrial Laundry

Hydro Systems is now the exclusive supplier of Dositec Sistemas chemical management systems in North America. Hydro Systems has long been the innovation leader in the commercial OPL laundry segment globally. The Dositec Sistemas partnership provides Hydro Systems with a complete line of commercial laundry equipment for new and existing customers, broadening the existing product line to include systems for multiple washer extractors and tunnel washers of varying sizes.


Tunnel Chemical Dispensing Systems for Industrial Laundry

Dositec Tunnel Systems are customizable to fit any commercial laundry need featuring tunnel washers. Ethernet and wireless access options are available for remote monitoring and data management. All systems include high-quality, durable pneumatic diaphragm pumps on each channel.

Flexible and Easy to Configure

  • Floor mounted design
  • Built in touch screen with PLC based control
  • Multiple channel configurations to fit laundries of any size
  • Standard configuration is 5-Channel and 11 Products (3+1+2+2+3)

Accurately Dispense Chemicals and Reduce Downtime

  • Integrated flow meter delivers ±3% for most products
  • Reliable, accurate diaphragm pumps (1.1 GPM or 4.4 LPM)
  • Air flush to ensure complete delivery of product
  • Tunnel dosing based on actual load size

Hydro Connect

Hydro Connect is a cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) platform that gives chemical providers and end users increased visibility into their operations, optimizes production, reduces costs and increases customer satisfaction. Built on the Microsoft Azure platform, Hydro Connect utilizes data generated from the Dositec Central Dosing Systems to provide valuable insights including:

  • Alarm reporting: Proactively view alarms to rapidly eliminate abnormal conditions that drive profit loss.
  • Production: Eliminate the use of out-of-date paper logs to document the weight or number of loads run in your facility.
  • Chemical usage: Simplify and improve the accuracy of your billing procedures with metered usage reports on chemical product and formula.
  • Cost: Quickly access a snapshot of the chemical cost by formula to actively manage and improve unprofitable formulas or accounts.
  • Observations/recommendations: Eliminate hours of data manipulation and analysis. For a minimal charge, a Hydro expert will review the monthly data and provide recommendations to help reduce rewash and optimize cleaning results.
  • Real-Time dashboard: View washer status, alerts and key productivity metrics in real-time to proactively pinpoint inefficiencies while reducing rewash.

Hydro Systems is the leading manufacturer globally of chemical management systems for several markets, including commercial laundry.  Dositec Sistemas is a leading manufacturer of central laundry and large on-premise laundry dosing systems in Europe. For more information about laundry system solutions offered by Hydro Systems please call 1-800-543-7184 and ask for our laundry specialists.