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A truly unique venturi commercial laundry dispenser that ensures accuracy, whilst keeping maintenance costs low

The EvoClean is a venturi-based, water-powered laundry unit. It features either an Integrated or Off-Board Controller that can be used for applications requiring four,six or eight products and also offers an integrated flush manifold.


Features & Benefits

  • 4 or 6 products in a single cabinet. Twin cabinet 8 product version also available
  • Lower maintenance – No peristaltic tubes, minimal routine maintenance, low total installed cost, no moving parts
  • Uses significantly less water and electricity than conventional dispensers
  • Wide range of output – 500ml/min or 1500ml/min
  • Flexible control options
  • Out of product alarm
  • Remote external alarm
  • Remote Formula selection
  • Mls/kg programming function
  • USB programming up to 21 Formulas
  • Integrated flush manifold