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Push-Pump Chemical Dispenser

The HydroPump is a uniquely designed push-pump used to dispense cleaning chemicals into sinks, buckets or any other cleaning receptacle. Used wherever dispensing of products are desired, the HydroPump allows the operator to control the amount of product yielded. The HydroPump can be used in any kitchen, janitor’s closet or laundry facility. By pushing the pump once, the desired chemical is effectively and efficiently directed into the appropriate container or sink compartment.

Features & Benefits

• Resistant to most chemicals including chlorine, so you won’t need to stock 2 models
• Field-adjustable to deliver 1/2, 3/4 or 1 oz. per push
• Recovers quickly to maintain accuracy if multiple doses are required
• Product can be stored up

Related Products

HydroMaster drum or wall-mounted proportioners mix liquid cleaning and sanitising concentrates with water automatically, before dispensing the diluted solution into a range of containers.
The Parlor Master is designed to provide the flexibility to dispense properly diluted chemicals at the dilution rate that works best for your application in the milking parlour.
Technology Systems using AccuPro Pressure Regulation technology eliminate dilution variance by controlling the water pressure into the unit, never allowing the dilution to “lean out” the desired dilution target.

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