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Low Level Alarm

Intelligent 8-Channel Alarm for Detection of Product Depletion

Hydro’s Low Level Alarm complements the Depletion Wand, allowing up to eight units to be connected to cover all chemicals in a typical OPL. The system minimizes costs associated with rewash by detecting the signal from the depletion wands and immediately alerting users with an audible and visual alarm. The alarm is simple to install and flexible. It can be powered directly from the EvoClean dispenser or from a wall outlet as a standalone system.

View Low Level Alarm Datasheet

  • Low level detection for up to 8 chemical products
  • Static LED on, indicates which chemical needs attention
  • LED auto-extinguishes once chemical replaced
  • Buzzer and mute button available on-board or via a linked EvoClean dispenser
  • Ability to power an external alarm or strobe that can be mounted remotely from the unit