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Transitioning to Efficiency: How Evoclean Dispensers are Changing the Game for Precision Flow Solutions’ Customers

Precision Flow Solutions proudly supplied 8 Evoclean Laundry dispensers for a long standing customer who has been using traditional methods of dispensing using Peristaltic pumps for several decades. It was a big decision from the customer to change technologies from many years of reliable experience using the PFS Supplied Hydrosystems LM200 and LM100 peristaltic pumps […]

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Ensuring Safe Drinking Water: The Critical Role of Backflow Prevention Devices

It gives the team at Precision Flow Solutions incredible satisfaction when we rectify severe public safety issues. The team recently identified a situation where there was a chemical dispenser used for floor cleaning in a very large restaurant that not only did not appear on the Watermark database but also had no integral backflow prevention. […]