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On Farm

We provide on farm and animal care solutions. Precision Flow Solutions provides the widest breadth of dilution products in the industry, specifically designed to keep your animals healthy and disease-free. Our animal health solutions include water-driven pumps, medicators, line cleaning solutions, dairy solutions and foamers and sprayers.

Products Used

The Parlor Master is designed to provide the flexibility to dispense properly diluted chemicals at the dilution rate that works best for your application in the milking parlour.
Technology Systems using AccuPro Pressure Regulation technology eliminate dilution variance by controlling the water pressure into the unit, never allowing the dilution to “lean out” the desired dilution target.
FoamMaster power cleaning systems automatically dilute concentrated cleaning products with water and use compressed air to generate a thick, rich, clinging foam.
The Chemilizer is a proportional liquid chemical injector that injects a precise amount of chemical in proportion to a volume of water. The Chemilizer is an industry-leading chemical injector that utilises years of proven diaphragm technology.
Perfect for maintaining biosecurity on the farm including truck entrance/exit, barn interiors, cool cell pads, loading bays, food processing equipment and other farm equipment.
AquaBlend Xtreme has been specifically designed to not only accurately medicate water, but also be compatible with water line cleaning chemicals used in many agricultural applications.
The AquaBlend injector is specifically engineered to accurately medicate and/or treat water in most agricultural environments. The Aquablend is offered in two different models with adjustable ratios.
The MiniDos low-mid-flow, fluid (water) driven proportional injectors offer an ideal alternative to traditional, non-electric pump technology. The injectors are compact and offer the widest range of injection ratios.
The SuperDos injector operates without electricity to precisely inject liquid concentrates into a water supply line using fluid flow as the power source.
Used to filter water before entering the equipment, the Twist II Clean filters have many unique and patented features and benefits placing them in a class of their own. Never buy filter cartridges again!
The HydroFoamer and HydroSprayer offer easy automatic dilution with convenient control of where and how solution is applied.
The EvoClean is a venturi-based, water powered laundry unit. It features an integrated controller that can be used for applications requiring 4, 6 or 8 products and also offers an integrated flush manifold.
The AccuPro® line of dispensers delivers dilution accuracy regardless of fluctuations in water pressure.
Precision Flow Solutions - On Farm
Udder Health

Complete dispensing solutions for teat dips, Mastitis control and hoof baths.

Line Cleaning

Dilution solutions for line and vat cleaning and sanitation.


Foaming and spraying

Range of dilution apparatus for foaming, spraying and area sanitation.

Bulk tank filling and spraying

Range of dilution apparatus for filling bulk tanks, spraying equipment reservoirs and high flow chemical additives.

Water Treatment

Range of dilution apparatus for water treatment, filtration and high flow chemical additives.

Swine Care

Precise chemical injection perfect for vaccinating, medicating and administering nutrients and supplements to swine.

Poultry Care

Precise chemical injection perfect for vaccinating, medicating and administering nutrients and supplements to Poultry.

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