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The RapidFill is designed to quickly fill an auto scrubber using properly dosed water and cleaning solution. With RapidFill, users can easily dial in the exact dilution ratio that is required by turning the lower end of the water driven pump.


Large capacity auto scrubbers may range in size between 190 to 300 litres, and traditional dosing technologies take approximately 16 minutes to fill up these machines. The RapidFill unit can fill up the same auto scrubber in as little as 4 minutes. Fill time is reduced up to 75%.

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HydroMaster drum or wall-mounted proportioners mix liquid cleaning and sanitising concentrates with water automatically, before dispensing the diluted solution into a range of containers.
The Parlor Master is designed to provide the flexibility to dispense properly diluted chemicals at the dilution rate that works best for your application in the milking parlour.
Technology Systems using AccuPro Pressure Regulation technology eliminate dilution variance by controlling the water pressure into the unit, never allowing the dilution to “lean out” the desired dilution target.

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