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Sprite DM-420

2-pump dispensing system for commercial dishwash applications

Sprite is an integrated 2-pump dispensing system for detergent and rinse aid in dishwash applications. It promotes the safe and economical use of warewash supplies by ensuring that an accurate amount of chemical is automatically added to every load. It is digitally programmable for any type of machine: single tank dishwash, conveyors, conductivity mode, speed and time mode, etc. It can be used with liquid or powder cleaning agents.


The Sprite is a proven, reliable, automatic dispenser – which will give many years of trouble free operation whilst enhancing the performance of your cleaning products.

Features & Benefits

• 4 Modes of operation: Conductivity/Single Tank, Timed/Single Tank, Conductivity/Conveyor, Timed/Conveyor.
• Spring loaded spinners
• Built-in load counter
• Pre-wired
• Quick change squeeze tubes captive thumb screws on pump covers
• Password protected

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