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Ensuring Safe Drinking Water: The Critical Role of Backflow Prevention Devices

It gives the team at Precision Flow Solutions incredible satisfaction when we rectify severe public safety issues. The team recently identified a situation where there was a chemical dispenser used for floor cleaning in a very large restaurant that not only did not appear on the Watermark database but also had no integral backflow prevention. It was identified that the chemical had back-flowed beyond the dispenser and was found at the point of connection to the drinking water supply.

The chemical was highly toxic and, as per the Plumbing Code of Australia, can cause severe illness, injury or death.

The PFS Service Team immediately isolated and removed the illegal plumbing situation and supplied and installed a Hydrochem chemical dispenser, which displayed the correct Watermark label. The Hydrochem 919 is supplied with the required backflow prevention device of an RPZD.

By remedying this illegal installation with a fully compliant dispenser we found a very satisfied Restaurant Manager, Chemical Supplier and PFS Team, knowing that we have prevented what could have been a very dangerous situation where the general public could have been seriously injured or even worse.

It is disappointing to see the high number of chemical dispenser installations that have been completed incorrectly, presumably by untrained and unqualified people that pose a very serious risk to the drinking water. There are many documented cases in Australia and around the world where chemicals have entered the drinking water which has caused serious harm to the general public.

Precision Flow Solutions are the industry experts and market leaders in backflow prevention compliance in the chemical dispensing space. Alex Gray our Backflow Prevention Compliance Manager is highly focused on ensuring Precision Flow Solutions complies to all aspects of regulation including State Plumbing Acts, AS3500, NCC vol3 and more.

Precision Flow Solutions is committed to ensuring we educate our customers and end users on the importance of compliance with all regulations to ensure safe drinking water.

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