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Transitioning to Efficiency: How Evoclean Dispensers are Changing the Game for Precision Flow Solutions’ Customers

Precision Flow Solutions proudly supplied 8 Evoclean Laundry dispensers for a long standing customer who has been using traditional methods of dispensing using Peristaltic pumps for several decades.

It was a big decision from the customer to change technologies from many years of reliable experience using the PFS Supplied Hydrosystems LM200 and LM100 peristaltic pumps and FM800 Flush Manifolds.
After reviewing the proven accuracy of chemical delivery from the Evoclean combined with the minimal maintenance requirements and support from the Precision Flow Solutions Technical and Installation Team the decision to change was made easy.

PFS provided installation assistance and training support on programming the Evoclean using the computer based Evoclean Settings Editor. The PC based editor offers simplicity, intuitive functionality and most importantly significant time saving, allowing our customers more time in front of their end users where they can focus on their core business of adding value through great results.

Training was also provided on programming the washer extractors. There were multiple different programming systems on the washing machines, some dating as far back as 25 years. The expertise of the PFS technical experts provided training to our customer on how to program the Washing Machines to ensure the wash programs were delivered precisely and efficiently.

Following the successful installation and testing of each program, the opportunity was taken to download the extensive suite of reports from the Evocleans and review all data, including accurate cost per wash, set up reports and activity log information. These reports provide incredible insights to end users ensuring they manage their operations with utmost efficiency.

With the location of the end user being close to our customer, the WIFI connected Evoclean was deemed not necessary for this site. Although it is a great option for remote sites to gain a live understanding of the operations remotely.

In all a very successful and efficient installation, with incredibly happy customers and end users.

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