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Total Eclipse Controller

Proven laundry controller with enhanced data visibility

The Connected Total Eclipse combines the simplicity and familiarity of the Total Eclipse controller with the cutting edge reporting of Hydro Connect. It is a cost-effective, secure and user friendly electronic controller.

Features & Benefits

•Premium reporting capabilities
•Enhance visibility of critical site data with real-time or historical reporting on productivity (loads/weight), chemical usage, costs, and alarms through Hydro Connect
• Controls up to 8 products
• Program up to 48 different wash formulas
• 6 line, plain text menu and button prompts display on controller
• Multiple languages available
• Part of pre-wired modular system

Related Products

The EvoClean is a venturi-based, water powered laundry unit. It features an integrated controller that can be used for applications requiring 4, 6 or 8 products and also offers an integrated flush manifold.
The LM-200 dispenser system is a compact, low cost, easy to use dispenser for on premise laundry applications.
The Mercury TL 400 laundry dispensing system promotes the safe and economical use of laundry supplies by ensuring that an accurate amount of chemical is automatically added to every load.

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