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Multi-Washer 6000 Series

Multi-Washer Units for On-Premise Laundry

Designed to manage chemical dispensing for medium and large on-premise laundries, the Multi-Washer 6000 Series offers reliable dosing that can support up to 6 washers and dose up to 8 products within a single system. Flexible and easy to configure, the Multi-Washer 6000 Series utilises an accurate flowmeter for precise control to reduce rewash and prevent costly overdosing.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible and easy to configure
  • Panel mounted design – consolidated footprint offers up to 35% space savings compared to individual dispensers per washer
  • Built in display with PCB-based control
  • Units support 4 or 6 washers with up to 8 products
  • Make configuration changes remotely – examples include adding a formula, changing a dosing amount, or switching a unit from flow meter to time mode
  • Configurable water flush between each dose
  • Reduce rewash and precisely control each dispense through an accurate flowmeter


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