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Tunnel Washer 10000 Series

Tunnel Chemical Dispensing Systems for Industrial Laundry

The Tunnel Washer 10000 Series is customisable to fit any commercial laundry needs, featuring large tunnel washers with up to 10 injection points. Flexible and easy to configure, the Tunnel Washer 10000 Series utilises an accurate flowmeter for precise control to reduce rewash and prevent costly overdosing.


Tunnel Washer units have the ability to communicate remotely through Hydro Connect. This means clients can access reporting information and make configuration changes remotely from any global location with an internet connection instead of making costly site visits.

Features & Benefits

• Floor mounted design
• Built in touch screen with PLC-based control
• Multiple channel configurations to fit laundries of any size
• Make configuration changes remotely – examples include adding a formula, changing a dosing amount, or switching a unit from flow meter to time mode
• Integrated flow meter
• Air flush to ensure complete delivery of product
• Tunnel dosing based on actual load size

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